The Downside of Eating Healthy While Pregnant

So unlike most pregnant mothers, I choose to avoid the weird food combinations, sugar cravings and stick to the same health conscious food plan that I carried out pre-pregnancy. Now, I thought I was doing both my baby and my body justice. Boy was I wrong.

You see, after being diagnosed with Epilepsy a few years back, I chose the holistic route and decided to transition into a modified Paleo diet plan in order to avoid being on medication. It wasn’t a hard transition, as I was living in NJ and working in NYC so there were an unlimited amount of healthy restaurants to choose from. 0E091909-37AF-4CAF-87D1-E04751CF877B

By time, I moved back to Ohio, four years later, I was gluten-free, dairy-free, only ate seafood, natural sugars, no fast-food, fresh fruit and vegetables from markets, no alcohol and drank only water, herbal teas and smoothies. I was in the best shape of my life and full of energy.

That was until I met The Captain, for some reason, I ended up falling head over heels in love with a Meat and Potato guy, that drank water occasionally, did not like veggies, had to have a beer with every meal and loved wine tasting. It wasn’t until a few months after dating with a lot of cooked meals that he told me he didn’t like seafood, only shrimp and hated veggies! Needless to say he won my heart by secretly hating my food but eating it anyway.

Fast forward a few months, Bam Bam was on his way and cooking fast in mommy’s belly oven. I kept up with my healthy eating, but someone Daddy’s meat and potato eating habits was Mommy’s worst cravings. Towards the end of my pregnancy, all I wanted to eat were cheeseburgers, fries, taco bell, hot chocolate and hot fudge sundaes. 9F96D572-64C7-4550-B112-65BD019F97EE

It wasn’t until I started nursing that I realized what I was eating, was effecting the development of my little boy. He would throw up after almost every feeding, if I was pigging out on fast food and ice cream. Although I was still eating healthy, the times that I indulged in my pregnancy cravings he would have a rough time. I started documenting what I was eating verses when he was agitated and sure enough it was when I was eating all the wrong things. He would be fine when I was eating all the things I would before pregnancy and in the early stages, but as soon as I ate fast food, or dairy or meat, he would fuss and have the worst time digesting his food.

Now I thought Bam Bam was good to go when he started eating solids, I would make his food of course! Little did I know, his problems with food had just begun….we would  soon find out that he has a long list of food allergies.



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