Yoga Adventures with Bam Bam

So I use to be a total Yogi before moving back to Columbus, a little over 2 years ago. Being a part of the NYC/NJ culture that’s filled with focused, driven, health conscious, fit people. Jumping into the swing of things doesn’t take long, especially when your co-workers sit next to you drinking smoothies and eating salads all day, and walk out of the office carrying their yoga mat backpacks.

So needless to say, I jumped right in and loved every moment of it. I learned so much, that once I moved to back home, starting my mornings with a Yoga routine and protein smoothies was natural. I continued the practice every morning, and made a point to research different moves that would aid in both my pregnancy and birth of Bam Bam.

3A6D50A0-F384-40D4-B019-A197D5783569Not only did the new positions aid with all the aches and pains of pregnancy, but the calm and meditation aspect of it helped me get through all of my labor pains without a single scream or tear. I labored at home by meditating, walking the stairs, dancing and a lot of child pose and downward dog sessions. 4 hours at the hospital, 20 minutes of pushing and my beautiful baby boy laid peacefully on my chest.

Little did I know, months later he would naturally fall into comforting yoga poses, that we would soon join a Mommy & Me Yoga class that he absolutely loved and mommy got her body back while doing it.


We would start out mornings stretching his limbs and peaceful chants. While attending our class once a week. Not to mention the awesome nap sessions he would slip off to by the time we got home. Before I knew it, he had adapted to our routines and would surprise me by jumping into a random poses while playing. IMG_1295 So for all of my creative moms out there, that enjoy Yoga, music, art, or dancing. Start while your child is still in the womb and carry it out as your child develops and becomes independent. It’s such a rewarding experience that you can watch them do and do with them as well.

IMG_2934 It’s awesome a great way to entertain him while I’m in my writing mode at this current moment. If you’re a Yogi with little ones, check out ( she has an awesome YouTube channel that combines yoga moves and story time. 🙂


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