The Bed Rest Blues: London’s Vacation

So the highlight of my summer, is generally planning for our famous family vacation…this vacation that I’ve literally looked forward to since I was a toddler, no exaggeration. My grandmother’s family is from South Carolina, she is one of 7 children, so needless to say my family is pretty big! So every year, either the 2nd to or last week of July we head down to South Carolina for a good ol fun-filled family reunion.

A weekend complete with a formal gala and game night on friday, kid-friendly outdoor activity on saturday, and a sunday filled with memorials, stories of the current year’s life changes and prays to lift one another up until the following year. This year we celebrated our 81st year of our family reuniting. Amazing huh?! Yes! Well imagine my heartbreak when I realized, this year I would be spending it at home by my lonesome.

The vacation experience that I look forward to year after year, would take an adventurous turn this summer. I would be staying home, to keep my feet up and Lyric baking in my mommy oven, while I sent my little prince Bam Bam with his grandparents on his 1st vacation without his parents.

IMG_3030After some severe counseling and consulting sessions with The Captain, he finally agreed to allow our little one to spread his wings and spend a week without us, miles down the road and hours away from both of us. I truly believe he was sadder than I was to see the little man go. But, you know who wasn’t sad? Bam Bam! Ohhh no, he helped me pack his bag, eager to see it being dragged down the stairs, gave me a quick hug, juicy kisses, and said “mum I love you bye” with a sigh as if he was a teenager and I was holding him back from enjoying his summer with his friends. So with a bag full of books and toys, I sent him on his way.

Now of course, I trust my parents in taking care of him and making sure he returns the same way I sent him. But, my one worry was his food allergies, not only can he not eat a bunch of things, he’s picky in a way, and wants to try everyone else’s food as well. So not only did I send him with an epiPen Jr., I sent him with 3 sets, benadryl, his food allergy list and emergency info with his doctor’s info. I mean you have to be prepared! They actually did an awesome job though, and called every time is was time to eat or they were unsure of what was being served. IMG_3031

The one good thing about his food allergies, is that he has absolutely no problem at all filling up on fruits and veggies. He’s really not a meat-eater, he loves bread, can’t have any dairy products at all, severely allergic to mommy’s favorites (bananas, avocado and chocolate) and the rest of the items on the food chain, well we’re just have to wait and see when he tries something new.

So after day 3, I was  a lot calmer and tried to stop calling to check on his as much,  being that he really didn’t care to talk to me via FaceTime. The quick “I love you mums” and “London go bye” phrases were reassurance enough that he was having a great time on vacation.

IMG_3028The crew soon left Clemson, SC and headed to our all time favorite vacation spot of Myrtle Beach. A beach trip that my granny always makes sure we enjoy every year, and the thought of her being able to spend that with her great-grand was such a memorable moment. Being a water baby, I sure that was the highlight of Bam Bam‘s trip. Although he had a few meltdowns by wanting to get out of his car seat, his overall summer adventure without his parents seem to be a success!

I survived another week of bed rest, Lyric is steady pushing my belly to its limits, and The Captain has his little man back to cuddle and wrestle with!


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