The Postpartum Drag

Ok, so I have a few things to get off my chest! My mind has been trying to grasp how these celebs lose their baby weight within two weeks? So you mean to tell me that it took you 9 months to put on the weight and two weeks to get it off? How the heck is that even possible?!

I can’t promise you that this post won’t be in “tangent-form”, but I’m more than 90% positive that you are thinking the same thing! Pebbles is just shy of 3 months old, and I feel like I just had her a few weeks ago. Now I will admit, that after Bam Bam, my energy level bounced back after a month, but it took 5 months for my body to be somewhat back to its normal size “pre-baby”. I don’t think you can ever really get your hips or boobs back to their size, before you had children… especially if you’re nursing.

Now the fact that after 9days, BlacChyna literally has a flat stomach as if she didn’t just give birth…is really boggling my mind. Anyone else, see her pictures and literally want to scream? Oh no? Just me? Welp! There has to be a pill, herbal remedy, a high-tech waist trainer or something. There is no way, she naturally lots 20lbs in 1 week and a half…I mean come on folks?!

But if she did in fact lose it naturally, I commend her dedication, bounce back and supernatural powers! πŸ™‚

Needless to say, this has really fired me up and I’m going to give my body another week to get its self together so I can at least start stretching. Pebbles really did a number on my body, not to mention the 5 months of bed rest didn’t help. I’m so stiff and sore and just stiff. My lean and flexible yoga body is soo far in the distant, that I can’t remember what it looks like.

Pray for me ladies! If you’re having the same issues, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. If you have any tips, share those too!


4 thoughts on “The Postpartum Drag

    • MsD says:

      Seriously Emily! I feel the exact same way, it feels as though I’m just trying on a costume and haven’t had enough time to take it off. We’ll get back to our goal size soon! I’ll encourage you as you’ll encourage me! πŸ™‚

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  1. Lillian Abbey says:

    It definitely takes time! I used the 21 Day Fix program after I had Lillian and I was able to stick with it and lose the baby weight. I’m posting about it on my blog next week, so keep a lookout!


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