Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving Inspired Crafts

The house is filled to capacity, there is food on every counter and the children are running around…sounds about right?!

Well I decided  to try something new this year, instead of just having a kid’s table, I’ve decided to have a “kid’s area”. A space where the children can keep themselves busy and entertained with very little direction.

1) Leaf Hunt: Take the children on a hunt for leaves, have them each race to collect as many as possible. Use a paper bag to place the leaves in, be sure to write the child’s name on each bag. (This hunt will get rid of some energy, especially if you make it a race)

Image result for turkey using plate2) Bag o Turkey: Create your own turkey activity,  using paper bags, leaves they collected or feathers, pre-cut eye balls or googly eyes and washable markers. If there is a gap in the age group, have the older children assist the younger ones.


3) Gobble! Gobble! Turkey Dance: Turn on Pandora or YouTube; select the “The Turkey Song” by Bryant Oden, this will generate a whole play list of “turkey or thanksgiving inspired songs”.

4) Fall Collage: Using the leaves that they picked early, have them make a collage using a paper plate and glue sticks. They can position the leaves however they want. You can use this as a “mock wreath” to place on their doors.

(Notice, I’m getting the children moving between each activity that requires them to sit down. This will not only make the day go by smoother but also keep the children entertained and their energy levels moderated.)

5) My Seat At the Table: Pick up a stack of construction paper from you local dollar store or craft store. Pick out fall colors; such as red, brown, yellow, and orange. Fold each paper in half and cut or pull a part. Allow them to pick which color they want, select one of the half sheets and write their names with permanent marker. Have the children use their creativity and color the piece of paper however they please. Once they finish, fold the paper in half again and stand up right. One by One, let them tell you where they want to seat at the children’s table. The craft will serve as a their placement tag and a smooth transition to the dinner table.

Happy Turkey Day!! May your home be filled with lots of laughter and the delicious aroma of great food!


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