November in a Flash

Is it just me or did November literally fly by? I seriously feel like it was just summer…I was just getting use to flip flops and then all of a sudden, we’re bundling up in scarves. But then again, I did spend 5 months in the house..pregnant and on bed rest. On the bright side, I have my little bundle of joy wrapped up in hats and blankets 🙂

November was a life changing month for me! I officially detached Pebble’s umbilical cord and went back to work. img_0884Although I’m sad to be away from “The Duo”, my baby girl and I have a different type of bond. I went back to work after having Bam Bam, a mere 4 weeks after he made his grand entrance. He gained his “independent” badge very early and has no problem taking the lead at any given time. However, Pebbles and I have been depending on each other literally months before her arrival. So leaving her was a little more difficult and I waited almost 8 weeks to return to work. Consequently, the transition into the new job has been fairly easy and I get to enjoy several moments of peace when I sneak off to the Mother’s Room to pump 🙂

My journey of Motherhood was also honored by The Women’s Clinic of Columbus. Pebbles and I not only had an amazing photo shoot, but we also were featured in the video for Success Stories, that allowed their Donors to see what they have been contributing to.

Our journey also was honored at the Annual “Give img_0862Thanks” Benefit Banquet hosted by World Harvest Church. The food was delicious, the company was great, being on stage was amazing, but the highlight of my night was getting my makeup done. I truly believe that every woman should be pampered on a regular basis. But when you go on a hiatus aka “The Woos of Pregnancy” the moment that you are taken care of by someone else literally warms your heart and boosts up your confidence level tremendously. At least it did for me!

This month, I also decided to really focus on this blog and work on my master plan of opening up my coffee shop! There was a few bumps in the road but nothing worth stopping for. The blog has been making great progress, I have been more engaged in the parenting community and launching my kick starter has allowed me to create new relationships with local parenting influencers.

Shout out to Alicia (Wander and Whine), Stacie (Little Adventures) , Julie (What Should We Do Today Columbus?)  , Caroline (Columbus Culinary Connection) , Hannah (The Beard and The Baker) , Hilary  (The Pimg_0806arent’s Pulse) and the overall Parenting Community in Columbus for supporting me and sharing my excitement!

Although we had a minor hiccup with our location, we are working on securing another and opening our doors to laughing littles, smiling parents and a host of locally created products by Spring.

There has truly been a lot that has happened over the last few  months to be thankful for, but I’m truly grateful for “My Rock” and “My Seeds”. My mom is truly my rock and I wouldn’t be me without her. She keeps me grounded and continues to push me over all obstacles and hurdles. My children give me the encouragement to get up and keep it moving daily, they give me a sense of purpose and entitlement to succeed! img_0946

Of course “The Captain” has been holding our household down for the last few months and I am extremely thankful for him as well…but he always gives me crap about pictures so he’s not included in my awesome collage 😛

Side note: I tried something new with the turkey this year! I whipped up a brine and it marinated for 2-days and I must say it was simply delicious. I will definitely be adding that to my mental Rolodex for prep work for the Thanksgiving feast.

Last but certainly not least, we celebrated “Beat Xichigan Week” full of turkey and Buckeye Pride!img_0978


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