Scrumptious Saturday

Grab a spoon or straw! It’s National Peppermint Latte day!  This is by far the easiest latte recipe ever! The best of all, you can make the kiddos a copy cat and use hot cocoa instead! This is bound to kick off your Christmas spirit!


  • 2 shots (3 ounces) of hot coffee
  • ¾ cup (a little over a 1/2 cup) of skim milk or milk of choice
  • ½ teaspoon peppermint extract
  • whipped cream (for garnish)

Steam milk in a hot pan until bubbles form, be careful not to allow to simmer or it will burn. Add in peppermint extract and stir. Brew coffee while allowing milk to cool a little. Fill cup with flavored milk and then add coffee straight down the center.

**Do the same if making hot cocoa, only add the cocoa powder first, pour in milk and stir.

Top with whipped cream and either crushed peppermint pieces or a mini candy cane to the brim of the cup.


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