The Reason WHY…

My Biggest WHY …..The Duo!!! For some reason Postpartum hit me like a ton of rocks this go round… 🎭… When I thought I was ready to focus on my cafe…my depression and road blocks outweighed my passion…then I realized that I needed to refocus my goals and make new plans. I took a temp job, while trying to find an outlet that will allow me to build my confidence and finances up so I can open my cafe.

That search led me to ItWorks 💚, this partnership not only allows me the time I need to get myself together mentally, and financially but also physically. Not to mention the new friends I have who keep me inspired in the process. I realized that I not only need to be healthy on the outside but also the inside, being well is the effort that you put forward to living a healthier lifestyle. I’m not only striving to make a difference in my life, but also whomever else I can take with me!

So if being healthier is on your new years resolution, join my “Mix It Well” 90-day challenge with me!



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