Product Review: PepBaby Stretchy Car Seat Cover

So I totally have a new mommy gadget that I’m sooo in love with! I’ve literally been wanting one of these for weeks now! Pebbles doesn’t like anything over her face while I’m trying to shield her the cold wind and has no hesitation to grab the blanket or push it off her face.

When the opportunity to review the PepBaby Stretchy Car Seat Cover became available, I jumped right on it! If you don’t have one get one! I’m one of those moms that tries to get the most usage out of a product… so I’ve used it for its intended purpose as a car seat cover, I’ve also used it as a nursing cover while breastfeeding her in public. Because it’s so soft, I used it as a blanket one day when I forgot hers in the car. It truly has been a great accessory and I will be purchasing another one as a back up. Not to mention, I can also use it to cover the shopping cart…well when it’s just her and I.

Pebbles also enjoys it…she often rubs the softness while nursing and I believe the black & white stripes must be visually stimulating because she gets excited when I put it over her.


So thumbs up PepBaby! You have won my love as a loyal customer!!! 🙂

*Disclaimer: I received a promo code to purchase this product at a discounted price, all views and opinions are my own. 


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