Tasty Tuesday: Pouch Prep

Ok, so I love love loved making homemade baby food when Bam Bam transitioned into solids. I was always in the kitchen mixing, smashing and doing a puree. Somehow as he grew older and went to table food, I started picking up food pouches…well actually he started picking them up in the grocery store.

Yes, I was that mom that would give him one to keep him quiet while I finish my shopping. img_2070I would always taste it first to make sure it was good, didn’t have that “stale” taste that package products have and of course reading every single ingredient. Having to leave my cart in the middle of the store because my kid had an allergic reaction was definitely the last thing on my shopping list!

I only stuck to two brands, one at Kroger’s and one at Aldi’s, but for some reason his body started rejecting the pouches. I’m pretty sure that there is some type of preservatives that are included and not necessary mentioned on the packages. So I totally stopped buying them, especially the blended ones that had more than one food group. I found that when I just purchased the applesauce, he was totally fine. Something about the blended foods, his body just didn’t like.

So now its time for Pebbles to start solids and I’m approaching the prep a little differently. I purchased the Little Sprout Food Station and the Kiddzo Reusable Food Pouches on Amazon to get me started and back into the swing of prepping.

Yesterday, I skinned and boiled a few sweet potatoes and pears. I left them both sit in a little of the water to actually retain as much flavor as possible. My goal was to create dual fruit/veggie pouches for Bam Bam and then single servings of each for Pebbles.

So, after a power nap, a few loads of clothes…I got into prep mode! Just using one pear and two sweet potatoes I was able to fill two pouches and, make two servings of sweet potatoes and a single serving of pears for Pebbles.

img_2142Definitely pleased with my new gadget! It was simple to put together and even easier to fill the pouches.

Not to mention I got my reusable refills for a little under $20 for a pack of 50.

Score for Mum! Considering pouches are between $1-2.50 in the stores and no telling how long they have been sitting on the shelves.


The other plus about these reusable pouches are their size…they are much larger than the ones that you can buy at the store.

Needless to say, Mum will be rocking out pouches with all kinds of delicious fruits and veggies for The Duo!


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