The Henley Clan

Well let’s just say we are a collection of crazy, creative and energetic parents that happen to be the creators of equally extraordinary little people.

From the Littles to the Biggums…

Ms. Lyric aka “Pebbles”,¬†our newest little bundle of joy! She entered our crazy family in September at only 35 weeks. Guess, she didn’t want us to have anymore fun without her. With daddy’s good looks and mommy’s feisty personality, she definitely fits her nickname “Pebbles” and will be causing trouble right beside her big brother!

Mr. London aka “Bam Bam” at 21 months, climbs and bangs on absolutely everything in site. Moving at full speed since he came into the world, has started mastering his colors, is extremely independent, has a nice vocabulary, very protective of his sisters, loves reading and seems to amaze us with some new achievement/ milestone every day.

Ms. Leila aka “Lil Mama”, our oldest 10, is an intelligent ball of energy and sass that keeps us giggling. She tries to keep us all together, in line and likes to spit out random facts at any given time, so we’re always learning something. We see her on the weekends only, as she keeps her Mom busy and entertained as well.

There’s “The Captain” whom of course is the head of our household and the main crazed mind! I’m pretty sure the children get their wildness from him! Mr. Henley holds the house down and makes sure everything is taken care of. When he isn’t working, he’s either wrestling with the kids, riding his motorcycle with the bike crew, on the grill or cleaning out his prized collection of guns. Yea, he’s a man’s man, fixing things and zooming across the highways triumphs being a sports fanatic.

Oh, and there’s me, “MuM”for some strange reason, my children skipped the whole “mom”, “mommy” face and has channeled the English custom of saying “mum”. My 18-month old’s voice is so deep that it actually makes me chuckled when he calls my name. Hmm who am I, welp with a background in Public Relations/Marketing within the Parenting ¬†Consumer Industry, I’ve travelled the world, worked with amazing brands and walked across many red carpets. But none of my life’s journey, compares to the day I met “The Captain” and knew he was going to be the father of my children and life-long partner. So I traded in my high heels and briefcase for tennis shoes and snotty noses, became an Administrator/Lead Preschool teacher and within months was expecting my 1st child.

The rest…well that’s the point of this blog, to share my adventure with you.