Christmas on the Lord’s Day

It never seems to amaze me how fast Christmas actually comes and goes! You are literally scrambling around to make sure everyone on your list has their gifts and that you’re able to see everyone during that special day. But this year, was different, actually being able to attend church Christmas morning was a humbling experience. I didn’t care about the presents, my children did not run down the steps on Christmas morning to a room full of toys, we dressed in our Sunday best and headed off to celebrate Christ.

Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying…my children spent the morning before opening gifts and enjoy the fruits of their parents hard work  and the labor we put in to make sure their smiles were huge!

But my point is, this year I was able to actually appreciate the true meaning of CHRISTmas and teach my children the same. I got them what they needed and a few things that we thought they should have… but most of all we spent the weekend with family creating memories and actually in worship.

Providing my children with a spiritual foundation is more important to me than what kind of toys are in their playroom. What’s in their heart and the way they carry themselves, is more important to me than new clothes or shoes that they may have opened. The beauty of Christmas to my family is not patiently waiting to see what a man that only comes once a year got for them, but to appreciate the blessings that Christ has placed in our lives on a daily basis in order to shower them with gifts on this one day. To not only focus on this one day, but to appreciate everything that they have before the holiday and everything they will have after.

What did Christmas falling on a Sunday mean to you?

Disclaimer: My children do not and will not know who Santa is? The Captain and I are their “Santa Claus”..I wear the red hat that’s associated with all things Christmas without the emphasis on Santa Claus.