Believe in the Things You Want

So I have embarked on a new journey in my life, and when I tell you it has been life-changing in a matter of days, I mean just that!

Never have I been a part of something that seeks to literally change every aspect of my life. My mind, my body, my household, my faith, my finances. Talk about a total life package.

I have continuously tried to scratch off goals that are on my “career specified bucket list” and what I’m experiencing now is not even a part of it. Which is actually really shocking, the things that I have wanted to achieve, were before I became a parent.  I had this idea in my mind, that these are things that I need to do, so that my children can have a better life. But now that I have my children, I have goals on my list so that my entire family can have a better life.

I have taken “me” and “them” out of the equation and focusing on “us” as a whole. To not only provide for them financially, to not only given them my time but also to give them a solid foundation of living a life of wellness. To be “happy” is not the end all be all. My other half, tells me that “being happy” is an emotion that can change but living in a “life of happiness” is a series of decisions that are made. I did not understand what he was saying until recently. I’m continuously harping on him about wanting to be happy and how important that it is, but I did not realize that I had to decide to be happy not just want it. That I had to make decisions in my life that were beneficial to him and our children because they are what make me happy. That I had to seek out my future and decide on what my next step was so that what I want becomes what I have.

I watched a YouTube video today, it touched on key topics that I needed to hear as a newbie in my business. But what struck to me the most was this scripture:

“Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that we receive them, and ye shall have them” (Mark 11:24). That was all that I needed to hear to understand that I had to believe in myself and make the right decisions on a daily basis in order to live a life of happiness.


Be Social, A Little Emotional

After having Bam Bam, I thought that I had it all figured out. That motherhood would be a piece a cake, after all I wanted this, right?! Wrong! Couples fail to realize that with becoming parents you lose a lot of yourself, especially after having more than one child. You have to enter in a realm of “self-discovery” after transitioning into parenthood. So here are a few tips that worked for me, after having Pebbles:


  1. Write thank you notes to the nursing staff or to family members that have helped you with the adjustment.
  2. Check in on social media, update your status, or maybe upload pictures of your new addition. OR even find images of quotes that fit how you are feeling.
  3. Writer a letter to your new addition, your spouse or if you have other children
  4. Suggest a gathering, maybe a “sip and see” for your little one, this may occupy your mind and give you something to look forward to.


  1. Write a sweet note to yourself on a post-it in a place that only you can find.
  2. Create a positive affirmation that you can say to yourself in the mirror.
  3. Call a friend that might have children around the same age
  4. Be creative, color a picture, or some type of art to express emotion.

So, take some time to check off a few of these, you might just a feel a little better about yourself….I did 🙂