Christmas on the Lord’s Day

It never seems to amaze me how fast Christmas actually comes and goes! You are literally scrambling around to make sure everyone on your list has their gifts and that you’re able to see everyone during that special day. But this year, was different, actually being able to attend church Christmas morning was a humbling experience. I didn’t care about the presents, my children did not run down the steps on Christmas morning to a room full of toys, we dressed in our Sunday best and headed off to celebrate Christ.

Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying…my children spent the morning before opening gifts and enjoy the fruits of their parents hard work  and the labor we put in to make sure their smiles were huge!

But my point is, this year I was able to actually appreciate the true meaning of CHRISTmas and teach my children the same. I got them what they needed and a few things that we thought they should have… but most of all we spent the weekend with family creating memories and actually in worship.

Providing my children with a spiritual foundation is more important to me than what kind of toys are in their playroom. What’s in their heart and the way they carry themselves, is more important to me than new clothes or shoes that they may have opened. The beauty of Christmas to my family is not patiently waiting to see what a man that only comes once a year got for them, but to appreciate the blessings that Christ has placed in our lives on a daily basis in order to shower them with gifts on this one day. To not only focus on this one day, but to appreciate everything that they have before the holiday and everything they will have after.

What did Christmas falling on a Sunday mean to you?

Disclaimer: My children do not and will not know who Santa is? The Captain and I are their “Santa Claus”..I wear the red hat that’s associated with all things Christmas without the emphasis on Santa Claus.

The Reason WHY…

My Biggest WHY …..The Duo!!! For some reason Postpartum hit me like a ton of rocks this go round… 🎭… When I thought I was ready to focus on my cafe…my depression and road blocks outweighed my passion…then I realized that I needed to refocus my goals and make new plans. I took a temp job, while trying to find an outlet that will allow me to build my confidence and finances up so I can open my cafe.

That search led me to ItWorks 💚, this partnership not only allows me the time I need to get myself together mentally, and financially but also physically. Not to mention the new friends I have who keep me inspired in the process. I realized that I not only need to be healthy on the outside but also the inside, being well is the effort that you put forward to living a healthier lifestyle. I’m not only striving to make a difference in my life, but also whomever else I can take with me!

So if being healthier is on your new years resolution, join my “Mix It Well” 90-day challenge with me!


The Postpartum Drag

Ok, so I have a few things to get off my chest! My mind has been trying to grasp how these celebs lose their baby weight within two weeks? So you mean to tell me that it took you 9 months to put on the weight and two weeks to get it off? How the heck is that even possible?!

I can’t promise you that this post won’t be in “tangent-form”, but I’m more than 90% positive that you are thinking the same thing! Pebbles is just shy of 3 months old, and I feel like I just had her a few weeks ago. Now I will admit, that after Bam Bam, my energy level bounced back after a month, but it took 5 months for my body to be somewhat back to its normal size “pre-baby”. I don’t think you can ever really get your hips or boobs back to their size, before you had children… especially if you’re nursing.

Now the fact that after 9days, BlacChyna literally has a flat stomach as if she didn’t just give birth…is really boggling my mind. Anyone else, see her pictures and literally want to scream? Oh no? Just me? Welp! There has to be a pill, herbal remedy, a high-tech waist trainer or something. There is no way, she naturally lots 20lbs in 1 week and a half…I mean come on folks?!

But if she did in fact lose it naturally, I commend her dedication, bounce back and supernatural powers! 🙂

Needless to say, this has really fired me up and I’m going to give my body another week to get its self together so I can at least start stretching. Pebbles really did a number on my body, not to mention the 5 months of bed rest didn’t help. I’m so stiff and sore and just stiff. My lean and flexible yoga body is soo far in the distant, that I can’t remember what it looks like.

Pray for me ladies! If you’re having the same issues, drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. If you have any tips, share those too!

Monday Motivation

It’s the little sacrifices that mothers do unknowingly that make us rock! Rather its giving up a piece of pie, being the last one to eat or allowing one of your children eat off your plate even though they have their own.

Smoothieville Central

So I like totally love smoothies! I could probably have one twice a day. However, I kind of fell out of love with them during my bedrest sentence, due to not being mobile and being able to get up to make them. Oh but that inconvenience has come and gone, and boy did I make up for it!

As soon as Pebbles turned 2 weeks and I was feeling back to my old self, smoothies were the 1st items that I wanted to make.

Day 1: 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (Nature’s Bounty), 1 cup of original soymilk, 1 tbsp of ground flax (Simple Truth), 1/2 banana, 1 scoop of peanut butter (Smart Balance) and a few ice cubes

Day 2: 1 cup of original soy milk, 2 strawberries, 1/2 cup of fresh kale, 1/2 banana, dash of cinnamon, 1 tsp of chia seeds and a few ice cubes

Day 3: 1 cup of original soy milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 of steel cooked oats, 1 scoop of peanut butter, 1 tsp of ground flax, dash of ginger, dash of cinnamon

Day 4: 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (Nature’s Bounty), 1 cup of original soymilk, 1 tbsp of ground flax (Simple Truth), 1/2 banana, 1 scoop of peanut butter (Smart Balance) and a few ice cubes (NOT PICTURED)

Now, after Day 4, I was feeling pumped, energized, my milk supply was coming in quite nicely and there were no complaints. That was until a family member, asked me if it was ok to drink soy milk while nursing Pebbles. I believe so, was my reply, but it got me wondering. Come to find out, soy milk isn’t recommended while nursing due to the amount of estrogen that is in it. Now not being recommended doesn’t mean its bad, just means to consume at your own risk. Needless to say, I opted out of it!

Day 5: Started off simple: 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 4 strawberries and  1 tsp of flax

I’ve been alternating these recipes on a daily basis using the same contents outside of the soy milk. I’ve since then replaced with original and vanilla almond milk.

Be Social, A Little Emotional

After having Bam Bam, I thought that I had it all figured out. That motherhood would be a piece a cake, after all I wanted this, right?! Wrong! Couples fail to realize that with becoming parents you lose a lot of yourself, especially after having more than one child. You have to enter in a realm of “self-discovery” after transitioning into parenthood. So here are a few tips that worked for me, after having Pebbles:


  1. Write thank you notes to the nursing staff or to family members that have helped you with the adjustment.
  2. Check in on social media, update your status, or maybe upload pictures of your new addition. OR even find images of quotes that fit how you are feeling.
  3. Writer a letter to your new addition, your spouse or if you have other children
  4. Suggest a gathering, maybe a “sip and see” for your little one, this may occupy your mind and give you something to look forward to.


  1. Write a sweet note to yourself on a post-it in a place that only you can find.
  2. Create a positive affirmation that you can say to yourself in the mirror.
  3. Call a friend that might have children around the same age
  4. Be creative, color a picture, or some type of art to express emotion.

So, take some time to check off a few of these, you might just a feel a little better about yourself….I did 🙂

Lyric’s Great Escape

So, it’s been 2 months since my last post! I must admit I had a bit of a “woah with me, why is this pregnancy so rough, Lyric just come out, please release me” pity party session. Being locked up in the house, only to escape for doctor’s appointments had finally taken its toll of me and I literally didn’t want to do anything but lay in the bed. Here I was, on my 4th month of bed rest and just now wanting to really rest in bed. But I still had 2 months of pregnancy to go.

As I approached 32 weeks, my doctor had finally lifted my bed rest sentence and I was back to being a normal pregnant woman. Please believe I took full advantage of it and tried to escape from the four walls of my bedroom as much as possible.

That was until,  Pebbles (Lyric) started planning her great escape. I started having Braxton Hicks on and off and major back pain, so back to my bed I went. I made sure, I decreased my activity and tried laying down as much as possible. As I was getting ready for a much needed play date with Bam Bam (London), the unthinkable happened. I started bleeding! Because I’m so calm and collective and my pain tolerance is high, I continued getting ready for the day, called my mom, informed the Captain what happened, told him to go to work and I drove myself to the hospital. Yes, I drove myself, picking up my mom along the way, after all it was just 10 mins from my house. I knew nothing was seriously wrong as Pebbles was bouncing around like she normally does.

Come to find out, Pebbles was trying to literally pull the fire alarm aka my placenta and was trying to escape. She had somehow managed to cause a Marginal Placenta Abruption, practically tearing my placenta from the walls of my cervix. So we would be continuing our bed rest sentence in the hospital after all, just as my doctor predicted.

After a few days in the hospital, some much needed R&R, good food and frequent visitors, we had both had enough and was ready to go home. But again, she had something else up her sleeve. We were to be released Friday morning, and early Thursday morning my contractions started. I kept telling my nurses that I was in labor, but as history repeats itself, they didn’t believe me. You see, the same thing happen with Bam Bam and by time they checked my cervix, I was ready to push him out. Same thing happen with Pebbles, I was in labor for approximately 4 hours, and 3 pushes later she was in my arms.

procelain-doll-copyMy feisty Princess was born at exactly 35weeks, weighing 5lbs, 12oz, and 18.5 inches long. A completely healthy baby girl with no complications and no time served in the NICU. God is so good and after a long journey of pregnancy, seeing her little face was soo soo worth every day spent in the house and every shot by buttocks had to endure. 🙂